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Steve Azarcountry singer/songwriter/musician – native of Greenville, MS – hits include – I Don’t Have to Be Me til Monday – Waitin’ On Joe – Sunshine (Everybody Needs A Little) – 1964

James Russell “Jim” Lauderdalecountry singer/songwriter/musician – penned hits for George Strait, Patty Loveless, Mark Chesnutt and many others – 1957

Joss Stone –  soul singer/songwriter/actress – 1987

Dylan Keefe – bassist – founding member of Marcy Playground – 1970

Chris Difford – singer/musician/songwriter/producer – founding member of Squeeze – 1954

Ben Gibbard – singer/songwriter/guitarist – best known with indie rock group – Death Cab For Cutie – 1976

Lisa Stansfield – singer/songwriter/actress – Blue Zonesolo artist – 1966

Nigel Pulsford – best known as the original lead guitarist for – Bush – 1963

Robbie House – vocals/guitar – country rock group – Snuff – best known for the 1983 minor hit – Bad, Bad Billy – 1951

Delroy Pearson – singer – best known with the pop group – Five Star – 1970


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    Keith Moon was set to have a part in Monty Python's film Life of Brian and was with the Python members in the Caribbean as they wrote the script, but Moon died before it began filming. The published edition of the screenplay to Life of Brian is dedicated to the Who drummer.

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    In 1974, during a tour of America the members of Emerson Lake and Palmer were arrested in Salt Lake City after swimming naked in the hotel pool, they were each fined $75.

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    "You don't think I take this seriously, do you? It's just a fucking rock and roll band." Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones
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