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Roy Orbison – aka – The Big O – multi-Grammy winning singer/songwriter/musician – hits include – Oh Pretty Woman – Only The Lonely – Crying – honors include – 1987 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame – 1989 Songwriter Hall of Fame – 2014 America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame – (1936-1988)

Steve Clark – guitarist/songwriter – Def Leppard – (1960-1991)

Gen (Simon Matthews) – drums/percussion – Jesus Jones – 1964

Tim Womack – country singer/guitarist – Sons Of The Desert – hits include Whatever Comes First – Leaving October – 1968

Glenn Cornick – bassist – founding member of – Jethro Tull – (1947-2014)

Stan Frazier – drummer – Sugar Ray – 1969

Ray Petersontraditional pop-rock-rockabilly – best known for – Tell Laura I Love Her – Corinna Corinna – (1939-2005)


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    In 1980, Whispers singer Leaveil Degree was given a two-year prison term for his part in a gem heist.

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    "I could be a housewife. I guess I've vacuumed a couple of times" - Deborah Harry
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