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Chuck Leavell – Alabama native – keyboards/vocals – collaborated with many artists – toured will Allman Brothers Band in the 70’s – Sea Level solo – session musician – 1952

J.Fred Knoblock – singer/songwriter – Mississippi native – solo artist and a member of S-K-O with Thom Schuyler and Paul Overstreet – 1953

Kim Gordon – bass guitar/vocals – Sonic Youth – 1953

Daisy Berkowitz – guitarist/co-founder of group – Marilyn Manson – (4/28/1968 – 10/22/2017)

John Wolters – drummer – Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show – hits include – Cover Of The Rolling Stone – Sylvia’s Mother – Sharing The Night Together – (4/28/1945 – 6/16/1997)

Oliver “Bops Junior” Jackson – jazz drummer – (4/28/1933- 5/29/1994)

Jimmy Barnes – rock singer/songwriter/guitarist – Cold Chisel solo – 1956

Wayne Osmond – pop singer/multi-instrumentalist/actor – The Osmond Brothers – 1951

Karl Logan – metal guitarist/keyboards – best known with – Manowar – 1965


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    Keith Moon was set to have a part in Monty Python's film Life of Brian and was with the Python members in the Caribbean as they wrote the script, but Moon died before it began filming. The published edition of the screenplay to Life of Brian is dedicated to the Who drummer.

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    In 1974, during a tour of America the members of Emerson Lake and Palmer were arrested in Salt Lake City after swimming naked in the hotel pool, they were each fined $75.

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    "You don't think I take this seriously, do you? It's just a fucking rock and roll band." Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones
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