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Jack Russell – singer/songwriter/guitar/harmonica/percussion/producer – Great WhiteJack Russell’s Great White – songs include – Once Bitten Twice Shy – Rock Me – 1960

Gary Allancountry singer – hits include – Smoke Rings In The Dark – Nothing On But The Radio – Watching Airplanes – 1967

Ty Englandcountry singer – started as Garth’s guitar player – solo artist best known for 90’s hit Should’ve Asked Her Faster – 1963

John Rzeznik – singer/songwriter/producer/guitar – best know as lead vocalist-frontman for – Goo Goo Dolls – hits include – Iris – Slide – 1965

Les Nemes – bass – Haircut One Hundred – songs include – Love Plus One – Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) – 1960

Jim Messina – singer/songwriter – Buffalo SpringfieldPocoLoggins & Messinasolo artist – 1947

Andy Kimpop singer/songwriter – best known for late 60’s & 70’s hits – Baby, I Love You – Rock Me Gently – writer of hit by “The Archies” – Sugar Sugar – 1946

Little Richard – (born Richard Wayne Penniman) – musician/singer/songwriter – Rock & Roll and Songwriters Hall Of Fame – hits include – Tutti Frutti – Good Golly Miss Molly – Long Tall Sally – Lucille -1932

J.J. Calesinger/songwriter/musician – an originator of the Tulsa Sound – songs include – After Midnight – Cocaine – Magnolia – Call Me The Breeze – (12/5/1938 – 7/26/2013)

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    Keith Moon was set to have a part in Monty Python's film Life of Brian and was with the Python members in the Caribbean as they wrote the script, but Moon died before it began filming. The published edition of the screenplay to Life of Brian is dedicated to the Who drummer.

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    In 1974, during a tour of America the members of Emerson Lake and Palmer were arrested in Salt Lake City after swimming naked in the hotel pool, they were each fined $75.

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    "You don't think I take this seriously, do you? It's just a fucking rock and roll band." Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones
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