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Musical Birthday Notes – March 11th

George Kooymans – guitar/vocals – Golden Earring – hits include – Radar Love – Twilight Zone – 1948

Mark Stein – keyboards/composer/arranger – Vanilla FudgeTommy BolinAlice Cooper – 1947

Bobby McFerrinmulti-Grammy winning singer – best known for hit – Don’t Worry Be Happy – 1950

Dylan Keefe –bass – founding member of – Marcy Playground – 1970

Jimmy Fortune – country singer/songwriter – The Statler Brothers – 1955

Bruce Watson – gutar/mandolin/sitar/vocals – best known as a founding member of – Big Country – 1961

Vinnie Paul – drummer – Pantera – Damageplan – 1964

Lisa Loebsinger/songwriter/guitarist/actor – hits include – Stay (I Missed You) – 1968

Mike Percy – bass – Dead or Alive – 1961

Cheryl Lynn disco/R&B/soul singer – best known for hit – Got To Be Real – 1957


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    In 2000, Shaun Ryder's Volkswagen Corrado was found abandoned after being used as the getaway car. The former Happy Monday's singer's car was used in an armed robbery on Harry Ramsden's fish and chip restaurant in Manchester. £7,000 cash was taken in the robbery.

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    In 1972, Bill Wyman was banned from driving and fined £20 by Chelmsford Magistrates court after being caught speeding in his Mercedes on the A12.

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    "I may be getting too big for my own good. When everyone loves you, who's left to hate you?" Eminem.
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