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Musical Birthday Notes – March 16th

Nancy Wilson – guitarist/harmony vocals/songwriter – Heart – 1954

Ray Benson – musician/singer/songwriter – Asleep At The Wheel – 1951

Patty Griffin – Grammy winning singer/songwriter – 2007 AMA Artist of the Year – 1964

Jerry Jeff Walkercountry singer/songwriter/musician – best known for – Mr. Bojangles – Desperados Waiting For A Train – Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother – 1942

Stan Thorn – keyboards/backing vocals – best known with country group – Shenandoah – 1959

Jimmy Degrasso – metal drummer – associated with many acts including – Ozzy OsbourneWhite LionLita FordMegadethBlack Star Riders – 1963

Bryan LeeNew Orleans blues singer/guitarist – blindness earned him the nickname – “Braille Blues Daddy” – The Jump Street Five – 1943

Flavor Flav – rapper with – Public Enemy – 1959


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    In 1984, Simon Cowell dressed up as Wonder Dog on various UK TV shows to promote Ruff Mix, a techno tune featuring dogs barking.

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    In 1980, Whispers singer Leaveil Degree was given a two-year prison term for his part in a gem heist.

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    "Record company drinks? It used to be grams of charlie, now it's bloody tomato juice." Robert Plant, 1990.
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