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Musical Birthday Notes – March 23rd

Ric Ocasek – singer/songwriter/musician/producer – best known with – The Cars solo – 1949

Chaka Khan multiple Grammy winning R&B singer/songwriter – front-woman for – Rufus – solo – hits include – Tell Me Something Good – I Feel For You – I’m Every Woman – 1953

Brett Eldredge country singer/songwriter – hits include – Don’t Ya – Beat Of The Music – Mean To Me – Lose My Mind – Drunk On Your Love – Wanna Be That Song – Somethin’ I’m Good At – 1986

Damon Albarn – singer/songwriter – alt-rock band – BlurGorillaz – 1968

Marti Pellow – singer/songwriter – Wet Wet Wet – 1965

Breaunna Womack – (aka Miss Baby Doll) – pop singer – OMG GIrlz – 1995


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    On 2 June 1989 Bill Wyman married 18-year-old Mandy Smith whom he had been dating since she was 13. In 1993, while Wyman was still married to Smith, Stephen, his son from his first marriage, became engaged to Smith's mother.

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    In 1993 Wilson Pickett was sentenced to one year in jail after being found guilty of drink driving.

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    "I think rock and roll is media manipulation and exploitation and corruptness and bullshit." Sex Pistol, John Lydon, 1980.
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