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Jesse Valenzuela – guitarist/vocals/producer – Gin Blossomssolo artist – 1962

Bernie Taupin – lyricist/poet/singer – best known for collaborations with Elton John – 1950

Dana Williams – bass/vocals – country group Diamond Rio – 1961

Alan Ashby – rhythm guitarist – metal group Of Mice And Men – 1991

Morrissey – singer/songwriter – The Smiths – 1959

Jimmy Lyon – guitarist – best known with – Eddie MoneyThe Greg Kihn Band – 1955

Julia Pierce – singer/guitarist – all girl rock group – Cherri Bombsolo artist – 1997

Johnny Gill – singer/songwriter/actor – singer/songwriter/actor – R&B/pop group New Edition – 1966

Dan Roberts – bassist – Crash Test Dummies – 1967

Calvin Simon – singer –  Parliament – Funkadelic – 1942


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    Peter Frampton's 1976 US #1 album 'Frampton Comes Alive' was pressed in 'automatic sequence', with sides one and four on one record, followed by sides two and three on the other - to make it easier to listen through the whole album in sequence on automatic record changers.

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    In 1967, folk singer Joan Baez was sentenced to 45 days in prison for talking part in a anti- war demo.

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    "I'll give The Rolling Stones about another two years. I'm saving for the future, I bank all my song royalties for a start." Mick Jagger, 1964.
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